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My name is Talia, and here’s a little insight into my life and my history on the web. I’m originally from Chile but moved to Montreal Canada when I was 12 and still live here today. I speak Spanish, French and English, some better then others. I decided to create my sites so you can fololow my sexual life. ( I love to have sex all the time ). Now pregnat, but still duing it. Come to visit my site Lactalia and watch my LACTATING SEX

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If you’re looking at Kristi and think she looks familiar it’s because this bitch did a bunch of “modelling” over the last few years using her stage name, Hydii May. Kristi decided to use her real name for her site because it’s much different than when she’ve done before for those other companies. This slut get asked all the time why put up a web, especially one documenting her pregnancy. She got pregnant she figured why not start her own site, and voila was born! Go and check out LACTATING SEX